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11 April 2009 @ 01:09 pm
"smile" - glorfindel & ecthelion  
silwritersguild challenge #31: yesterday vs tomorrow

My yesterdays were perishing, like the Grinding Ice, where I began to thaw. I am not proud of my yesterdays, an idle lord without skills, but with charm and beauty enough to be endearing. I am a warrior now, in this hidden city with its exposed foundations, on which I lay my future.

You ask why I look troubled, your long fingers reaching to stroke the creases from my brow. You have often said that I feel too deeply, think too deeply (and I do). I smile (and you smile) and say that I have chosen my tomorrows (and you).

& that's a wrap: the 31st of my 31 drabbles. i'd like to thank everyone who read along at home and especially those who commented and made me :)-y. i'd also like to thank anuhealani, littleshebear & kayeff because they rock and they have so often informed how i write these characters. thank you.