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10 April 2009 @ 11:01 pm
"unbreakable" - fëanor & nerdanel & maedhros  
silwritersguild challenge #30: understand/misunderstanding

His eldest son is polishing the cutlery; some punishment or other devised by Nerdanel for mud tracked through the house or the tears of the third-born. Candlelight glints on the blade of the knife and there is some sharp beauty there, overshadowing even his son’s long fingers and high cheekbones.

Weapons are unheard of when Fëanor forges his first sword, a broadsword, perfectly proportioned. He forges swords for all his sons and Nerdanel does not understand and there is something about a knife to her heart but he does not hear over unbreakable oaths and red torchlight glinting on swords.