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09 April 2009 @ 10:42 pm
"love-lies-bleeding" - elemmakil  
silwritersguild challenge #28: "favourite month

Elemmakil loves months of high summer, Lótessë to Cermië. He loved the summer when he was a child in Alqualondë, complaining that he had flute lessons during school holidays, even though he loved music so much more than freedom.

Elemmakil loved the summer at Vinyamar, rockpools and warm water.

He loved the summer when he was banished to the Gate of Wood and the heady scent of flowers, Freesia and Love-lies-bleeding, carried along the Hidden Way.

Elemmakil loves the summer until Gondolin falls, all rubble and sound and nothing like music, and love lies bleeding in town squares and fountains.